What we stand for

At Windmill Organics, we believe that food should be great for you and the planet.

We are proud to say that all of our products are vegetarian or vegan and Certified Organic; without any nasty pesticides, stabilisers or chemicals.

windmill organics

Our Story


Windmill began life in 1978 as a wholefood retail outlet on Fulham Road, London, run by Noel McDonald, who found his path to organic food when living off the land in an Irish commune.

Here, Noel learnt that to nurture a healthy body, mind and planet, organic food was the way forward.


With a shared passion for wellness and organic food, Biona founders, Noel and German-born reflexologist, Donata, met in 1981 and Windmill Wholefoods grew into a vegetarian & organic restaurant.

The food was so popular, they decided to offer products to retailers. The breakfast granolas were made in the restaurant kitchen, hand packing each individual box. Donata even painted the labels herself! 

Windmill Organics Restaurant


With a mission to grow the organic food movement in the UK, Biona was born.

The brand name takes inspiration from its organic origins, ‘Bio’ meaning organic throughout much of Europe and ‘Na’ taken from the word nature.

Biona Organic Logo


The Biona range started to grow and the products launched into mainstream supermarkets, Waitrose and Tesco. 

Alongside our traditional Organic Granola, the range now included what are now some of our best sellers, including Biona Organic Italian Tomatoes and Black Beans.

Less than two decades after that first night in the Windmill Wholefoods kitchen, we took on the international market and started to sell our 100% organic certified products in Europe, and then globally.

Biona Organic tomato range


In 2019, we moved to our brand new offices where we now have a team of 25 people (and growing!). 

Fast forward to this year and Biona now has over 350 organic products, stocked in 30 countries across the globe.

Windmill is now home to six wholefood, vegetarian brands, Biona, Bonsan, Amisa, RAW Vibrant Living, Profusion and BioFair, continuing our mission to make healthy, organic food accessible for everyone.