Raw Cashew Cheese cake

6 large Organic Medjool dates

150g Organic Walnuts

50g Organic Raw Health coconut oil 

100g Organic Raw health almond butter 

100g Organic Raw Health honey  or (Cinnamon honey would be a delicious twist) or Organic Biona agave syrup

1 vanilla pod

300g Cashews

Filtered water

Fresh Organic berries/petals/herbs for decoration




Blender (any kitchen top blender or smoothie maker, however grinding nuts is hard work on blenders)

8in x 8in pan

Grease proof paper

Mixing bowl, spoon




You’ll need to soak your cashews for anything from 2 hours to overnight. So, start them soaking.


Line the pan with grease proof paper

Pit 2 dates, blitz these in a blender with the walnuts aim to have some larger pieces of nut left for crunch.

Press the base into the pan and pop it in the fridge to chill (30 minutes is enough)


Pit 4 dates, and mash them using a fork, when the dates are finely mashed mix in the Organic Raw health almond butter.


Gently warm the (Biona/raw health) coconut oil, and mix in the 100g (Organic Raw Health honey(Cinnamon honey would be a delicious twist)) (Organic Biona agave syrup).

Drain the cashews and put them in your blender along with your liquid fillings. Take it gently with your blender, even soaked nuts can be tough work on them. If needed you can add some water to help this process along, but use as little as you can. You can also split the filling into batches to put through your blender if it struggles with the volume.

Split the vanilla pod and scrape it into the filling, give it a stir and taste to see if it suits you, you can always add some lemon juice or more  (Organic Raw Health honey(Cinnamon honey would be a delicious twist)) (Organic Biona agave syrup) at this point.

Pour/smoosh the cashew filling onto the base. Top with the date and almond topping. This can be rolled out between to sheets of greaseproof paper, or you could roll it into little balls and drop them into the cashew mix (they may need a little help to sink).


Pop your cake in the freezer until firm (at least five hours), bring it out half an hour before you serve it to defrost, and top with any fresh garnish you like.


Windmill products used in this recipe