Raw Valentine’s cookies


20-25 cookies


200g oats
200g ground almonds
120g Raw Health acacia honey
4 tbsp Raw Health coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
2g beetroot powder


Blend the oats in a food processor until they have broken down into a flour.

Add the ground almonds, honey, coconut oil and vanilla and blend again until everything is well combined.

Take out half of the mixture and press it into a silicon tray, or a tray lined with cling film and freeze until set.

Mix the beetroot powder with a teapoon of water. Add this to the food processor with the remaining mixture and blend until your dough is evenly pink.

Press this mixture into another silicon tray or a tray lined with Clingfilm and freeze.

When the dough has set, remove from the freezer and use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out your cookies. You can use different sized cutters and layer the pink and white cookies on top of each other (see photos) for a more decorative effect.

Store the cookies in the fridge. 

Windmill products used in this recipe