Company Profile 

Windmill Organics - your essential contact for all that’s best in organic grocery products.

Windmill began life in 1978 as a wholefood retail outlet on Fulham Rd. London.In 1981 a vegetarian & organic restaurant was added and the food was so popular its founders decided to offer products to other retailers. The first Biona branded products were breakfast granolas baked in the restaurant kitchen and hand packed for sale. The brand name references its organic and pure roots; 'Bio' meaning organic throughout much of Europe and 'Na' taken from the word nature.

 We offer you an innovative range of quality products, which constantly set new standards in the organic food marketplace.

 All our products are organic, GMO free, suitable for vegetarians (many are vegan), with no artificial additives.

 We ensure 100% traceability, from farm inspections, raw material supplies, right through to the finished product.

 We can guarantee the supply of consistently high quality foods, ethically produced with respect for the environment, for you to enjoy.


Quality is fundamental to Windmill Organics, and forms a cornerstone of our company culture in terms of both our products and our people.


When it comes to innovation, we’re proud to be known as leaders throughout the industry.

We were first on the UK market with organic margarines, organic canned tomatoes, organic yeast, Demeter yogurts, organic coconut milk, organic pizza bases, organic Worcestershire sauce, organic cranberry juice, organic blueberry juice, organic acerola cherry juice, organic pomegranate juice, organic pesto, organic ohocolate covered nuts and raisins — the list goes on.


At Windmill Organics we believe in providing first-class service, tailoring our service to our customers’ requirements on an individual basis, and trying to anticipate your needs.

Our goal is to provide superior innovation, creativity, quality and value in every product category in which we operate

A Windmill Organics brand name (Amisa, Biona, BiOFAIR, Profusion, RAW Health) on a product is an assurance of product integrity and quality, that it complies with organic regulations and meets strict ethical standards.

Our raw materials suppliers, packaging suppliers and distributors share this philosophy and are required to have rigorous standards, systems and procedures to ensure all products we use are safe, ethical and legal.

Raw materials are carefully checked by quality assurance analysts making sure they are within specifications. Samples are collected from each production batch and organoleptic evaluations are conducted to ensure consistency in flavour, texture, appearance and functionality.