National Vegetarian Week: 5 Top Tips for Going Veggie

14th May 2018


With National Vegetarian week starting on the 14th May, there’s never been a more perfect time to give veggie eating a go! Not only does it come with a whole host of health benefits but going veggie has never been easier!

We’ve pulled together a few of our top tips to help you go veggie, whether that’s just for this week or the foreseeable future:


1. Educate yourself on basic vegetarian nutrition

Make sure you’re familiar with the best vegetarian protein sources such as: grains; pulses; soya products; eggs; nuts and seeds. Keep an eye out for vitamins and minerals that are often found in meat and fish, such as iron; calcium; zinc and vitamin B12. All of which can be found in a varied and balanced vegetarian diet.


2. Learn to love substitutes

Try lentils for mince meat, tofu for chicken or beans for burgers. All of these are great for adding in extra nutrients and fibre into your diet, and they taste really good too. Once you experiment with substitutes you’ll soon get the hang of what you like and what you don’t.


3. Stock up on store-cupboard veggie essentials

Fill your kitchen with the basics for creating great tasting veggie meals. Think tins of lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans and chopped tomatoes, rice, pasta, fresh and frozen veggies.


4. Eating out? Plan ahead

Going out with friends doesn’t have to change, especially as more and more restaurants are offering great veggie options to choose from. Simply do a bit of research beforehand and have a look at their menu online or give them a call to explain your dietary requirements. You’ll find most places are more than happy to help you!


5. Think positive

Instead of thinking about everything that you can’t eat, think of all the wonderful things you can eat. See this as your chance to try new foods and experiment in the kitchen.


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