New product: Raw Health fusion chocolates

1st Sep 2016

Raw Fusion Chocolate

We have a new delicious selection of raw organic chocolates coming your way! They are lovingly handcrafted, combining luxuriously rich smooth dark chocolate with the finest selected ingredients and superfoods. We use raw cacao, which is full of nutrients and beneficial flavonoids, and craft our chocolates at low temperatures to best preserve all of the goodness. Sweetened with organic coconut nectar, our bars are free from refined sugar making them a healthier alternative to other sugary bars on the market. Choose from four tantalising flavour fusions: rose petal and white almond, apricot kernel and red peppercorn, goji berry and cacao nibs and lavender and sprouted quinoa. 

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NEW -Raw Health Organic Apricot Kernel Red Peppercorn Chocolate

NEW -Raw Health Organic Goji Berry Cacao Nib Fusion Chocolate

NEW -Raw Health Organic Lavender Sprouted Quinoa Fusion Chocolate

NEW -Raw Health Organic Rose Petal White Almond Fusion Chocolate